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In today’s ever-changing cyber security landscape, QR code phishing attacks (quishing attacks) are becoming an increasing threat vector that needs to be combatted.

Through online and practical quishing testing implementation, you can cover a new attack vector and boost cyber security awareness across your workforce towards a new and rising threat.

*The QR Code testing service is only available in conjunction with an active, FULL SATT subscription.

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Bespoke QR code security training

In a recent 2023 study, only 36% of recipients successfully identified and reported simulated quishing attacks, leaving a majority of organisations vulnerable to phishing threats. 

In our experience, typically 40 to 70% of your employees will engage in a QR code security attack and therefore be identified as a cyber security risk. As new and emerging threats continue to arise, it’s imperative your staff know how to handle a potential threat. 

As an addition to our security awareness training service*, Cyber Security Awareness offers a simple and effective QR code phishing testing service that tests your employees with quishing attack simulations and educates them on the threats of QR codes with a short online course. Through our new QR code phishing service, your business can extend protection and raise staff awareness of QR code phishing.

Benefits of our quishing testing service

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Bespoke quishing test templates

You’ll receive two quishing poster templates of your choice from our QR poster library, allowing for a customised approach that suits your specific organisation.

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Unlimited access to QR code testing

Gain unlimited access to our QR Codes security awareness training module, providing your employees with new skills to identify and prevent QR code phishing threats from evolving.

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Reporting on employee awareness levels

Receive comprehensive reports, including the names of employees  who scan and enter personal details from a phishing QR code and training progress.

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Fully managed QR code phishing testing

Sometimes, training can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Our team manages your QR code phishing service for you, freeing up your time and resources.

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Stay up to date with evolving threats

Staying up to date with evolving threats is not only relevant but effective. By understanding the latest tactics employed by cybercriminals, your staff can better recognise and mitigate QR code phishing attempts, safeguarding against emerging threats.

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Raise awareness of QR code scams

Keep employees informed and educated about common and rising tactics used by scammers, such as disguising malicious links behind QR codes, and providing guidance on how to recognise and avoid these rising threats.

Prevent a QR code data breach

QR Code distribution

Deploy simulated QR code scam posters

Our  QR code scam simulation posters reinforce learning and promote vigilance among employees and prevent a QR code data breach. These posters, specifically designed for the organisation, function as interactive learning resources. By strategically placing these posters in high-traffic areas of the office, employers can encourage spontaneous engagement and discussion around QR code security. 

Each poster features a unique QR code that, when scanned, redirects to a dedicated webpage or resource centre containing valuable information on identifying and avoiding QR code scams. This hands-on approach not only raises awareness but also empowers employees to take proactive steps in safeguarding themselves and the company against potential cyber threats.

Progress monitoring

QR code phishing engagement monitoring and reporting

In conjunction with the distribution of QR code phishing posters, we implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system to gauge employee engagement and assess the impact of our quishing awareness campaign.

Your dashboard will use advanced analytics and tracking mechanisms to gather real-time data on interactions with the QR code posters strategically placed throughout your organisation. By leveraging innovative technologies, we can capture detailed metrics on the frequency and duration of interactions with the posters. 

These insights will be collated into comprehensive reports, providing you with invaluable data-driven insights into the effectiveness of our awareness campaign.

Raise employee awareness

QR code security awareness training

In alignment with the implementation of phishing QR code posters, we recognise the paramount importance of ensuring your staff are prepared to navigate the potential risks of scanning QR codes.

Our approach encompasses not only the distribution of the posters, but also extends to empowering your team with the requisite expertise and proficiency to effectively mitigate any potential vulnerabilities associated with QR code security. 

Through our online course, we aim to furnish your staff with a robust understanding of the diverse array of  rising threats posed by QR codes in today’s digital landscape.

Why choose Cyber Security Awareness

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Protect your organisation

Our proactive approach safeguards your digital infrastructure against QR code scams and threats. With cutting-edge cyber security methods, we equip your staff to detect, mitigate, and respond to phishing attempts.

Preventing human risk with cyber security awareness training

Protect your employees

Focusing on proactive quishing threat detection, our resources empower your staff to safeguard both themselves and your organisation’s assets. Choose Cyber Security Awareness for employee safety and a culture of QR code phishing awareness.

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Protect your credentials

In today’s digital landscape, protecting your credentials from a QR code data breach is crucial. Our services fortify and shield your credentials from attacks, empowering individuals to detect and prevent threats and preserving their digital identities.

Frequently asked questions

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a barcode that stores information through a pattern of black squares. 

QR codes contain all sorts of data, such as website URLs, contact information, or text. They are designed to be quickly scanned by a smartphone camera or dedicated QR code reader, allowing users to access the information without typing or manual input. 

QR codes are commonly used for marketing, product tracking, payment processing, and other applications requiring easy data transfer.

Quishing (QR phishing) is a QR code security threat that uses QR codes to redirect unaware staff or users to malicious websites or damaging content. 

The purpose of a quishing attack is to steal sensitive information – passwords, financial data, personally identifiable information – and use that information for harmful purposes, such as identity theft, financial fraud, or ransomware.

Quishing attacks often bypass conventional defences like secure email gateways and are disregarded by many secure email gateways as meaningless content, increasing the risk of user vulnerability.

For example, a cyber security hacker could send an email claiming to contain a voicemail from a manager or account holder which could only be heard by scanning the QR code. By scanning this code, users would be directed to an authentic-looking login page, where they unknowingly provided their credentials to the attackers. Before you even know it, the quishing attack has already taken place.

A QR code attack involves malicious QR codes designed to exploit vulnerabilities in devices and applications.

When a QR code is scanned, it redirects users to a phishing website, where malware – and other harmful phishing software – is placed on your device without any knowledge or consent.

Ultimately, QR code attacks exploit trust, leaving your network or software susceptible to breaches in QR code security and cyber threats.

In 2023, only 36% of recipients successfully identified and reported simulated quishing attacks. Though QR codes have been around since the 90s, their presence within the cyber security world has rapidly increased in recent years.

And though industries are becoming aware of QR code scam severity, there’s still work that needs to be done to ensure an unbreachable network.

For example, not all security software designed to detect phishing emails will scan images; QR codes will direct users to a malicious website in this instance.

The perfect solution is a blend of informing and ingenuity. Organisations should seek out cyber security solutions that keep ahead of the curve and up to date on the latest changes in phishing, quishing and scamming. Additionally, it’s important that staff are aware of threats themselves and have the know-how to mitigate quishing attacks. 

Absolutely. QR code scams are rapidly rising, becoming a common and easy way for scammers to trick users into giving away imperative data and personal details.

A 2022 report from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky showed that QR code malware detections increased by over 300% in 2021 alone, with over 28,000 quishing methods used in phishing and malware distribution schemes worldwide.

This rise of QR code security concerns poses a significant threat in the forever-expanding digital landscape. So now, more than ever, it’s time to form robust protection against QR code security threats.

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