Cyber Security Training for Employees​

Stop your employees causing security incidents without the hefty price tags and adding to your workloads. If you’re serious about cyber security, you need cyber security training for employees.
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Security awareness training and testing

Reduce the risk of cyber incidents. By adopting security awareness training and testing (SATT) employees become more cautious and better equipped to identify and respond to potential threats, mitigating the risks of potential cyber attacks.

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Cyber security e-learning

Traditionally, cyber security awareness training alone is not enough…

Our cyber security e-learning service will tick your compliance boxes, help with cyber insurance and prove to suppliers that your business takes security seriously. On top of this, we also go a lot further by actually making a difference, educating your employees to adopt a culture of cyber awareness and stopping employees from causing security incidents.

Benefits of our cyber security training for staff

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Interactive cyber
security training

Engaging e-learning courses with integrated quiz questions to provide a unique learning experience that ensures staff understand cyber security risks and methods to stop cybercrime.

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Outcome driven with guaranteed results

Our mission is to make a lasting difference in every organisation we work with. We’re all about providing a true return on investment, so our approach is dynamic to ensure that every customer receives a service that works for them.

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Bespoke fully managed service

Employees cyber security training can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Let our team manage your programme for you, freeing up your time and resources so you can focus on what matters most.

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UK provider with
global coverage

As a UK provider, our course content is voiced by British actors and supports over 26 languages. We work with businesses all across Europe and the globe with their cyber security awareness requirements.

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phishing testing

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than simulated phishing attacks that are true to life, as if a cybercriminal is targeting your organisation – which is what our expert engineers do for every customer.

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Detailed reporting
and portals

Board-level reports for training and phishing campaigns that help you gain compliance and cyber insurance, with a user-friendly reporting portal for a real-time view of your service progress.

Cyber security awareness training and testing

Phishing email test

Understand your risk level

Get started with a baseline phishing test to understand your staff’s susceptibility to targeted cyber attacks. This simulates a realistic spear phishing attack, which is created by our experts based on information that cybercriminals can obtain to target your employees.

Typically 40 to 70% of your employees will engage in the attack and be identified as a cyber security risk. From this the training will have a benchmark to monitor employee progress throughout the cyber security awareness training process, providing a clear view of progress throughout the organisation.

Cyber security awareness training

Professional and interactive security awareness training

Teach your staff the skills and provide them with the tools required to identify modern cyber attacks and what’s required to stop them. With interactive online cyber security training, employees will learn to identify key indicators of a cyber attack and how to react when they suspect there may be a risk of a breach.

Our cyber security training for employees uses detailed educational videos created by experts to cover a wide range of security topics, providing your workforce with a well-rounded understanding of the cyber threat landscape.

Monthly phishing tests

Maintain vigilance with ongoing phishing testing

Our mission is for your organisation to maintain a 0% click rate on a monthly basis and ensure your employees stay up to date with the latest cyber security threats. We’ll work closely with your organisation to ensure vigilance towards cyber threats is maintained with regular phishing testing, remedial training, reports and additional support.

Our cyber security awareness training videos are also updated regularly to ensure training is up to date with the latest threats and techniques used by cybercriminals, ensuring your employees are always aware of current threats to your organisation.

QR code phishing

QR code security awareness training

In today’s evolving cyber security landscape, QR code phishing attacks have emerged as an unsuspecting new threat to the security of organisations and individuals.

As an addition to our cyber security awareness training service and testing, we offer a simple and effective QR code phishing service that targets your employees with a set of phishing simulations positioned around your office.

These simulations aim to educate employees about the risks posed by scanning QR codes, and is accompanied by a short online course that will help raise security awareness.

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Why choose Cyber Security Awareness

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Change staff behaviour​

Other security awareness solutions prove to be a wasted investment, resulting in staff still being a cyber security risk. Cyber Security Awareness makes a lasting difference by changing staff behaviour, which in turn protects your organisation, ensuring your return on investment.

Compliance letter

Achieve compliance

Cyber security awareness training for employees is required for your organisation to achieve compliance and accreditations, such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, and cyber insurance. We tick your compliance boxes without adding to your workload.

Preventing human risk with cyber security awareness training

Solve human risk

Over 90% of successful cyber attacks could be stopped by a trained and vigilant workforce. Technology alone is not enough to protect your organisation from today’s cyber threats. You need Cyber Security Awareness to build a human firewall that is equipped to stop developing threats.

Frequently asked questions

It is important for business to ensure staff have an awareness of cyber security and the risks posed by online threats. Now more that ever it is crucial to implement a comprehensive cyber security awareness training program, to educate employees about how they can be vigilant and prevent cyber attacks, adopting a culture of cyber security within an organisation.

Cyber security awareness training for employees will educate employees and cover multiple topics which cover recognising phishing attempts, creating strong passwords, practicing safe browsing habits, understanding GDPR regulations and identifying potential security threats. All while providing staff with access to resources such as security policies, best practices guidelines, and informative materials, that will further enhance their understanding of the cyber security risks businesses face.

It is also important for organisations to encourage open communication in an environment where staff feel comfortable reporting any suspicious activities or potential security breaches. By fostering a proactive and informed approach to cyber security, business can empower their staff to be vigilant and play an active role in safeguarding sensitive information.

Cyber security awareness training and testing (SATT) has quickly become an essential tool for organisations to educate employees and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats. In today’s digital landscape cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and consistently evolving, it has become a requirement for employees to be aware of potential vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. With employees being the primary target of these attacks, it is important to make sure they are educated in how to spot potential threats and prevent them.

SATT helps employees understand the importance of data protection, the potential consequences of a security breach, and the role they play in maintaining a secure environment. By educating staff about common attack techniques, such as phishing emails and social engineering tactics, employees can develop the skills to analyse suspicious activity and respond appropriately to potential threats. Cyber awareness training also promotes a culture of security consciousness, where staff are encouraged to take proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information. Ultimately, cyber security awareness training is a proactive measure that helps organisations strengthen their overall security posture and minimise the potential impact of cyber attacks.

Our fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing consists of 15-minute compulsory training sessions that we’ll send out annually, which are also updated every year to keep in line with the latest advancements in cyber security technology and procedures.

These mandatory training sessions are typically less than an hour. However, those on your team who are identified as vulnerable through our monthly phishing tests will be enrolled in additional training, recommended at 25 minutes. Additionally, you and your team will also have unlimited access to our training module library.

Our specialists will collaborate closely with your organisation to maintain cyber vigilance through regular phishing tests, remedial training, and detailed reports. 

Cyber security awareness training is important for any business as it helps individuals and organisations understand the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and the potential risks they pose to sensitive information. By staying informed about the latest attack techniques and vulnerabilities, individuals can better protect themselves and their organisations from falling victim to cyber attacks, preventing any potential breaches.

Additionally, cyber security training for employees raises awareness about the importance of data protection and the potential consequences a security breach can have on businesses and their customers. It helps individuals understand the value of sensitive information and the potential impact of its compromise.

Training will equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to common cyber threats, such as phishing attempts or malware attacks, empowering them to take proactive measures to safeguard digital assets, minimising the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks.

Yes, cyber security awareness training has proven to be effective in enhancing an organisation’s overall security posture. Our studies have shown that organisations that invest in comprehensive cyber training programs experience a significant reduction in security incidents and breaches.

These stats are all taken from businesses just like yours, ranging in size from 10 to over 5,000 employees, across all industries.

To start, we found that on average 62% of employees opened our ‘baseline’ phishing test. Furthermore, 52% put security at risk by clicking the simulated malicious link in the email.

Our fully managed and bespoke approach to security awareness training and testing is proven to reduce human risk. Customers see a huge reduction in clicks after staff training, with ongoing phishing tests keeping teams vigilant. We target a 0% click rate with every customer. Post training an average of only 4% of 14,800 emails sent will click another phishing email. Those who do will receive further training until everyone in an organisation is fully aware of the indicators of a phishing attack and the click rate reaches 0%. The training will then continue to run, ensuring that employees stay up to date with evolving threats.

Businesses without cyber security awareness training are at a higher risk of falling victim to cyber attacks and experiencing various detrimental consequences. Without proper training, employees may be unaware of the potential risks associated with staying connected online and unknowingly engage in risky behaviours that can expose individuals and businesses to those risks. A number of activities such as clicking on malicious links, downloading infected files or visiting infected websites can lead to malware infections or data breaches. These incidents can result in significant damage to business operations and cause financial losses, damage to the company’s reputation, and potential legal liabilities if attacks are to succeed.

Additionally, without cyber security awareness training for employees, staff may not be equipped to recognise and report security incidents right away, allowing threats to go unnoticed and potentially spread or target others to cause further damage. A lack of cyber security awareness can also make businesses more susceptible to social engineering attacks, where attackers manipulate employees into revealing sensitive information or granting unauthorised access. Without the appropriate levels of cyber security awareness training businesses are more vulnerable to cyber threats and face increased risks to their operations, finances, and reputation.

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