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Enhance your Cyber Security Awareness

Technology alone is not enough to protect a business from cyber threats. Most modern cyber-attacks are targeted towards employees, and this has been the cause of most data breaches for businesses for the past decade. The one and only way to mitigate these risks – increase your cyber security awareness.

We specialise in stopping employees from causing security incidents. Our services are designed to raise staff awareness of cybercrime, teach best practices, encourage behavioural change and maintain vigilance towards cyber threats.

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Leading UK provider

Established in 2016, we’re proud to be a leading provider of cyber security awareness services in the UK.

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Fully managed services

Organisations and their IT departments do not have the time, resources or expertise to get a return on investment from security awareness solutions.

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Bespoke approach

Our services are tailored and bespoke for every customer to ensure effectiveness and real-life attack replication. No templates here!

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Cyber security awareness services should be attainable for all organisations. Our services are affordable and provide excellent value for organisations of all sizes.

Our services

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Stop your employees from causing security incidents without the hefty price tags and adding to your workloads.

Our unique, fully managed SATT (Security Awareness Training and Testing) service provides phishing testing and cyber security training to keep your employees vigilant towards cybercrime.

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Gain evidence that your employees have been trained on the latest GDPR legislation.

Our GDPR Awareness training managed service is a fully managed online course used to train all employees on the GDPR, with GDPR refresher training included. All fully managed and fully reported for your organisation.

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Regardless of your current email security solutions, how many unwanted, phishing, and potentially harmful emails still land in your users’ mailbox every day?

Phish999 bolsters your employee’s security awareness, providing detailed insights into emails and delivering phishing alerts and reporting capabilities within Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

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Can you prove your employees have read, accepted and understood your organisation’s policies?

Our service will seamlessly deliver your corporate policies to your employees, record acceptance and report all evidence back in detail.

Policy Acknowledgement is a fully managed service used to free up your busy workloads and is a great alternative to traditionally costly and cumbersome HR systems.

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How many of your organisation’s credentials have been compromised?

CyberSIGHT goes to the deepest, darkest areas of the web to find stolen credentials on your corporate e-mail accounts and produces comprehensive reports and real-time alerts when evidence of a breach is found.

Request a free report to get started.

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A vulnerability assessment is only as good as the last time your systems were checked. Within an hour, your organisation could be at risk again.

Always-on scanning of open ports is the most effective and ROI friendly way of taking control of your vulnerability exposure, exposing invisible vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

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Undertaking a penetration test to understand  how robust your network is should be more than an annual, one-off exercise for organisations.

V-PenTest provides your organisation with fully automated penetration testing and reports on a monthly basis, so you’re always up-to-date with points of weakness and exploits within your network and IT infrastructure.

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Our values

Fully managed services

A key part of the Cyber Security Awareness ethos is the belief that all security services should be effective and achieve results. We offer all of our services as fully managed, utilising our growing team of expert engineers to deliver a bespoke experience for every customer.

Maximise ROI

Often a bespoke, fully managed service that is tailored for each organisation is associated with a high cost. Cyber Security Awareness’ mission is to provide high-quality services at incredibly competitive prices, making our services accessible for all organisations, of all sizes, in all sectors. We achieve this by keeping everything in-house, including our content creation and delivery teams.

High-quality content

All of our content, including training videos and phishing templates, is created in-house to maximise control and quality. Cyber Security Awareness regularly monitor the cyber security market to ensure that our content is more professional, suitable and concise than everything else currently available.

We also pride ourselves on language support, enabling any organisation from around the globe to benefit from our services.

Detailed reporting

Our detailed reports across all of our services enable customers to understand exactly how their employees are performing and allows us to see where we can put our attention to make improvements. Plus, detailed reports help your organisation secure compliance, whether this be ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus or GDPR.