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Can you prove that your employees have read, accepted and understood your organisation’s policies? Most organisations cannot, leaving them vulnerable with legal, compliance, HR and employee tribunal requirements.

Our Managed Policy Management Service makes delivering policies and tracking acceptance seamless for organisations, giving you time to focus on what matters most.

Your organisation needs evidence that policies have been accepted

Policy management is an essential exercise for every business, though it shouldn’t be difficult, costly or time-consuming. Policy management tools help businesses, though they themselves can overcomplicate the process and end up being a poor investment.

Our Managed Policy Acknowledgement Service (MPAS) simplifies policy management, giving your business an effective way to host, deliver and track policy acceptance without adding to your time or workload. Plus, we add value with optional quiz questions that ensure staff understand intricate policies.

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Key features and benefits

Policy acceptance tracking

Gain policy

We offer a simple and effective method for your organisation to gather policy acceptance without taking up any of your time or resources.

Staff evidence of understanding

Evidence of staff

We can provide short assessments on each policy to demonstrate understanding along with acceptance.

Fully managed policy services

Fully managed

Organisations don’t have the time and resources to enrol, chase and report employee policy acceptance. We do this for you.

Standard policy management templates

Includes standard
policy templates

We offer standard policy templates should your business wish to expand its policies, including health and safety, IT security, equal opportunity, ethics, sickness, anti-slavery, anti-harassment, environmental and communications policies.

Cost effective policy management services

Cost-effective policy

We offer fully managed policy management at low costs that compete with policy management software and add a greater return on investment for your organisation.

Staff turnover included icon

Staff turnover

All staff turnover is included, ensuring new starters are enrolled in, accept and understand your organisation’s policies.

Fully managed policy compliance services


We'll host your policies and create short quizzes for evidence of understanding

You send us your policies, which we will host on your own, custom-branded policy acceptance pages. We’ll also create or include a short assessment based on your policy.


We'll enrol your employees into the policies they need to accept

Your staff are enrolled and consistently reminded to read and accept each policy, ensuring that they accept and understand your policies.

Reported evidence

Full reporting at an individual level for legal and HR requirements

We track, record and report employee acceptance to the individual level, covering all evidence of acceptance and understanding back to you.

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Policy acceptance evidence for compliance

Our policy management solution gives your organisation evidence that staff have accepted your policies, with simple reports and updates for new starters.

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Evidence of policy understanding

Take things a step further by tracking employee understanding of your policies. Our team will create a short assessment of your policies and report back how well employees understood these policies and who accepted them.

Minimize the cost of policy management

Minimise the cost of policy management

Our policy management service is a fully managed, low-cost alternative to policy management software that simplifies gathering policy acceptance.

Frequently asked questions

A policy management service is a fully managed service that provides a platform that helps organisations create, implement, and manage policies and procedures effectively. It provides a centralised and streamlined approach to policy management, allowing businesses to define, communicate, and enforce policies across their entire organisation seamlessly and monitor who has read and accepted the policies set. The includes features such as policy creation and editing, version control, approval workflows, distribution, and tracking. It helps ensure that policies are up-to-date, accessible to employees, and compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards. Additionally, a policy management service contains features for policy training, acknowledgment tracking, and reporting to monitor policy compliance and mitigate risks. By using a policy management service, organisations can maintain consistency, transparency, and accountability in their policy management processes.

Managed policy acknowledgement is a process that helps ensure policy compliance within an organisation. It involves the systematic tracking and verification of policy acknowledgements by employees or users. When a policy is implemented or updated, individuals are required to review and acknowledge their understanding and agreement to comply with the policy. This acknowledgement can be done through various means, such as signing a document, clicking an “I agree” button, or completing an online form.

By implementing managed policy acknowledgement, organisations can achieve several benefits. Firstly, it creates a record of individuals’ acknowledgement, which serves as evidence that they have been informed about the policy and are aware of their responsibilities. This record can be useful in case of audits or legal disputes.

Secondly, managed policy acknowledgement helps promote a culture of compliance within the organisation. By explicitly requiring individuals to acknowledge policies, it reinforces the importance of adhering to them and helps ensure that employees are aware of the rules and regulations they need to follow.

Lastly, managed policy acknowledgement allows organisations to track and monitor compliance levels. It provides visibility into who has acknowledged the policies and who may require additional training or reminders. This information can be used to identify areas of non-compliance and take appropriate actions to address them, such as providing additional training or enforcing disciplinary measures if necessary.

Overall, managed policy acknowledgement plays a crucial role in promoting policy compliance by creating a documented record of acknowledgement, fostering a culture of compliance, and enabling organisations to monitor and address non-compliance effectively.

Policy management encompasses the processes and activities involved in creating, implementing, and maintaining policies within an organisation. It involves defining and documenting the organisation’s policies, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, and effectively communicating and enforcing these policies across the organisation. Policy management includes tasks such as policy creation, review, and approval, as well as establishing procedures for policy dissemination, training, and monitoring. It also involves tracking policy changes, maintaining an up-to-date policy repository, and conducting periodic audits to assess policy adherence. Effective policy management helps organisations establish a framework for consistent decision-making, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance, promoting a secure and compliant operating environment.

A managed policy is a type of access control policy in the context of IT and identity and access management (IAM) systems. It is a predefined policy that is created and managed separately from individual users or resources. Managed policies are designed to simplify the management of permissions and access controls across multiple users, groups, or resources within an organisation’s cloud environment.

Unlike inline policies, which are directly attached to individual users or resources, managed policies can be attached to multiple entities simultaneously. This allows for centralized management and enforcement of consistent access controls across various resources and users. Managed policies can define permissions, restrictions, and other access rules, specifying what actions are allowed or denied for specific resources or services.

By using managed policies, organisations can streamline the administration of access controls, ensuring that users have the appropriate permissions to perform their tasks while maintaining security and compliance. They provide a scalable and efficient way to manage access across complex environments, reducing the administrative burden and enhancing security posture.

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