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Cyber Security Awareness are a market leading provider of Security & GDPR awareness training and testing managed services.

Our story

Cyber Security Awareness was founded in 2016 by industry-leading cyber experts to fill a clear gap and solve human risk within businesses and organisations.

We quickly grew to be a leading provider in this market space because, unlike other providers, all of our solutions are outcome-driven to stop security incidents from happening – not just ticking training boxes.

As we have grown, so has our portfolio. We offer services covering GDPR Awareness, Dark Web Monitoring, Vulnerability scanning, phishing protection and policy management. All fully managed, at affordable rates for organisations of all sizes, in all industries.

We are committed to providing organisations with the tools and training required to meet GDPR and cyber security compliance, harnessing the power of our knowledgeable teams and leveraging our connections in the industry to remain up to date at all times.

If your organisation wants the best protection, you need Cyber Security Awareness.

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Our culture

At the heart of our culture is the attitude of our people – fresh-thinking, switched-on, passionate.

Entrepreneurial spirit was embedded in our business from the get-go, and we’re committed to keeping this spirit alive and kicking as we grow.

Our culture is inclusive. At Cyber Security Awareness, every individual can be proud of the part they play and feel a true part of the team. We work hard to create a collaborative and rewarding environment where our people are inspired to achieve brilliant things and really make a difference in the future of our business.

We’re a talented team of people who are determined to empower our customers with the right technology to evolve, the support to thrive and the solutions to grow.

Our purpose

To provide the best available and professional training content through bespoke and fully managed services that actually make a difference.

To always be accessible and affordable for organisations of all sizes, in all business sectors, who want the best protection available.


Cyber Security Awareness is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact in the communities, environment and cyber sector we serve.

We understand that small changes in our everyday behaviour and habits are important to minimise our contribution to climate change.

Recognising our solutions and services’ impact on the environment is an essential element of making positive changes.

We are proud to pledge to our clients, employees, suppliers and technology partners that we will continue working towards a responsible and sustainable net-zero future.

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We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors

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Frequently asked questions

Cyber security awareness refers to the knowledge, understanding, and consciousness of individuals or organisations regarding potential cyber security threats, best practices, and protective measures. It involves being informed about the various types of cyber threats, such as phishing, malware, social engineering, and data breaches, and understanding how these threats can impact personal or organisational security. Cyber security awareness also includes recognizing the importance of implementing strong security measures, such as using complex passwords, regularly updating software, being cautious of suspicious emails or links, and practicing safe online behavior. By promoting cyber security awareness, individuals and organisations can enhance their ability to identify and respond to potential threats, ultimately reducing the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks.

Businesses need cyber awareness for several reasons. Firstly, cyber threats and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. By having cyber awareness, employees can recognise and respond to potential threats, such as phishing emails or social engineering attempts, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks. Secondly, cyber awareness helps in maintaining data security and privacy. Employees who are aware of best practices for handling sensitive information, using secure passwords, and following proper data protection protocols can help safeguard valuable company and customer data. Additionally, cyber awareness promotes a culture of security within the organisation, fostering a proactive approach to cyber security and ensuring that everyone understands their role in protecting the business from potential threats. Ultimately, cyber awareness is crucial for mitigating risks, minimising the impact of cyber attacks, and maintaining the trust and reputation of the business.

Cyber Security Awareness provide market-leading fully managed services which are designed to protect you from cyber-attacks, keep you compliant and ultimately make a difference by educating and changing staff behaviour. Covering Security Awareness Training and TestingGDPR Awareness, Phishing protection, policy managementautomated penetration testing and Dark Web Monitoring, Cyber Security Awareness are the solution to protect your organisation from targeted cyber attacks and breaches.

Employees are at the heart of every organisation, playing a key role in keeping you secure and compliant. Whilst your workforce can be one of your most valuable assets, they are also your greatest risk when it comes to cybercrime. Over 90% of security incidents are now caused by cybercriminals targeting employees.

We work with and support organisations across every continent. Our training is currently translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Mandarin – more translations can be added upon request.