Cyber Security Services

All of our cyber security services are fully managed and affordable for organisations of all sizes, in all industries. Most importantly, they are outcomes-driven to ensure your organisation gets a true return on investment.

Collaboration between employees

Security Awareness Training

Stop your employees from causing security incidents with our fully managed SATT (Security Awareness Training and Testing) service.
GDPR awareness training

GDPR Awareness Training

Keep your employees up-to-date with UK and EU GDPR legislation with engaging and informative GDPR awareness training.
Woman using anti phishing software

Phishing Protection

Despite a plethora of email security solutions, harmful emails still slip through. Phish999 uses AI technology and user awareness to protect against phishing and boost cybercrime vigilance.
Man accepting workplace policies on a company computer

Managed Policy Acknowledgement

MPAS (Managed Policy Acknowledgement Service) is a fully managed and cost-effective solution, enabling you to distribute corporate policies, record acceptance, and provide detailed reports.
Dark web monitoring services

Dark Web Monitoring

CyberSIGHT dark web monitoring scours the deep web for stolen corporate credentials and produces real-time alerts and reports upon discovering evidence of a breach.
Worldwide vulnerability scanning services

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

Protect your organisation's data with a proactive vulnerability scanning solution. As a cost-effective and reliable way of neutralising threats, you can be sure that your data will remain safeguarded.
V-Pen test - Automated penetration testing service

Automated Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities, rigorously test your network's defences, and receive actionable insights to fortify your security posture, all while ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats.