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Gain real-time threat intelligence that will alert your organisation of any stolen credentials and report your historical cyber security breaches with our market leading dark web monitoring service.

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Deep and dark web scanning

Deep and dark web monitoring provides early warning of information leakage and actionable alerts to keep clients, employees, and brands protected. Request a free dark web scan today to get an early indication of your dark web exposure.

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Your organisation is being targeted all the time and at a high risk of falling victim to a data breach. These data breaches often include your business credentials, which can give criminals access to your network, infrastructure and business applications. Stolen credentials are distributed on the Dark Web, a lucrative criminal network used for the transfer of personal and sensitive information.

Even your employees being breached on personal sites can significantly damage your business because all employees typically use the same usernames and passwords across both personal and work sites and applications.

Find out how many usernames and passwords relating to your business domain are available on the dark web with a free dark web scan, and protect your organisation with our ongoing dark web monitoring service.

Features of deep and dark web monitoring

24/7 dark web monitoring service

Stay on top of your
dark web exposure

Dark web monitoring is a tool your business can use to stay ahead of cybercriminals and eliminate the risk of stolen credentials available on the dark web.

First dark web scan is free

Free dark web scan to get
your business started

Our free dark web scan gives your organisation an idea of its current dark web exposure. Then, ongoing monitoring and alerts keep you protected in the future.

Dark web monitoring security breach alerts

Proactive monitoring
and breach alerts

Receive timely alerts when evidence of a new breach relating to your business is found on the dark web, enabling your business to act quickly and reduce the risk of a breach.

Dark web monitoring security assurance


Dark web monitoring gives your business peace of mind that stolen credentials are no longer a risk around the clock.

Monthly dark web monitoring reports

Monthly reports and
tracking dashboard

Monthly reports that detail your dark web exposure, including breach locations and sources, stolen passwords and other PII. Complete with a dashboard for tracking your progress.

Dark web monitoring for your business supply chain


If you wish, you can also monitor your executive’s personal email accounts for breaches and receive alerts alongside your corporate domains.

How dark web monitoring works

Historical breaches

Free dark web report on your current exposure

Lost or stolen passwords that appear on the Dark Web can be all a criminal needs to access your critical business systems and applications.

Find out how many credentials relating to your corporate domains are currently available on the Dark Web by requesting a free report from us.

Our reports will contain all historical breaches relating to your corporate domain and remediate them to mitigate the risk to your organisation and the individuals.

Breach alerts

Real-time breach alerts

Stay ahead of cybercriminals by being alerted to any new breaches relating to your organisation’s domains.

The dark web monitoring service once set up will continuously monitor the dark web for any signs of leaked credentials, and when they appear will promptly alert your organisation of any findings so you can take swift action to remediate the problem.

Remediate breaches

Take the steps required to mitigate risk

With the results of your dark web scan your organisation can take steps to deter cybercriminals in the future.

Update passwords, company policies and use our expert support to remediate any potential threats and take steps to implement robust security measures. These steps will not only keep your organisation protected from cybercriminals, but help prevent further credentials being leaked on the dark web.

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Reduce the risk of stolen credentials

Stolen credentials can provide cybercriminals with direct access to your critical business systems if you do not have the right tools in place to prevent it. Preventing risks from the dark web is a key cyber security measure.

Strong password policies

Enforce strong password policies

Updating passwords due to the risk of stolen credentials on the dark web presents a good opportunity to ensure staff are following a strong password policy to protect your business systems and applications.

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Improve cyber resilience

Ongoing dark web monitoring and alerts help your business stay on top of its dark web exposure and ensure that user accounts are not at risk of a breach by cybercriminals targeting your business.

Frequently asked questions

The dark web is the name given to a part of the internet that is deliberately hidden and unavailable through basic web browsers. A network of websites and online platforms that require specific software, configurations, or authorisation to access, unlike the web we all commonly use on a day to day basis, which is indexed and easily available, the dark web functions on encrypted networks and is designed to conceal its users.

The dark web is often associated with illegal activities, such as the sale of stolen data and other illicit goods and services, due to the anonymity it provides it users. It is also a hub for various forms of cybercrime, identity theft, including hacking and financial fraud. However, not all activities on the dark web are unlawful and it does have some legitimate uses, as it can also be used for legitimate purposes, such as anonymous communication, privacy protection, and circumventing restrictions in certain countries.

Due to its obscured nature, the dark web poses a substantial challenge for law enforcement and cyber security professionals in fighting cybercrime. It is crucial for individuals and businesses to exercise caution and maintain strong security measures such as dark web monitoring services to protect their information.

Yes, businesses can monitor their exposure on the dark web in order to determine their levels of exposure and gain insight into what data poses a potential risk. Specialised tools are available that can help organisations monitor the dark web for any listings of their sensitive information, such as login credentials or customer data, being exchanged or sold. Dark web monitoring services deploy techniques, including web crawling and data analysis, to detect and inform businesses about potential breaches or compromised information. It is important for businesses to take proactive measures to protect their data and consider engaging with cyber security professionals to assist with consistent dark web monitoring.

Dark web monitoring is a proactive cyber security service that involves actively monitoring the dark web for any signs of compromised data that could cause damage to an organisation. Dark web scanning utilises specialised tools and techniques to search through hidden networks, marketplaces, and forums on the dark web to find mentions or discussions related to specific individuals or organisations and analyse it against corporate domains.

By analysing collected data and leveraging threat intelligence feeds, dark web monitoring services alert the monitored organisation about potential breaches, stolen information, or emerging threats. This enables businesses to take prompt action to mitigate risks, protect sensitive data, and enhance their overall cyber security posture. Dark web monitoring plays a crucial role in staying ahead of cybercriminals and safeguarding against the unlawful activities that occur in the concealed corners of the internet.

Without dark web monitoring in place business may not be aware of their data and credentials being compromised until it’s too late!

Dark web scanning allows organisations to safely examine the dark web for any signs of stolen information. The dark web scanning services will dive into the dark web for any mentions of the business’s domain and credentials, such as usernames, passwords, or other sensitive information that may prove to be a vulnerability that can be exploited by cybercriminals. It is important for businesses to regularly assess their security measures and consider implementing multi-factor authentication, strong password policies, and awareness training on cyber security best practices to mitigate the risk of credential exposure on the dark web.

Yes, organisation can take steps to investigate whether their data has been compromised on the dark web and take steps to mitigate the risks that is poses. One way to do this is by using dark web monitoring services that specialise in monitoring and detecting data breaches. These services scan the dark web for any mentions of the business’s information. It is important for businesses to regularly monitor and assess expose levels and the cyber security measures that are in place. Dark web monitoring is a proactive service that provides 24/7 monitoring, this means organisations will receive alerts as soon as they are exposed, enabling them to quickly combat the threat. A full report will be available through the platform, displaying a holistic view of all data that has been found.

If your organisations information is found on the dark web this is a cause for concern and steps should be taken to mitigate the potential risk that it poses.

If a business’s information has been listed on the dark web, it indicates that their data has been compromised or that there has been a security breach. Information on the dark web can be acquired and used by cybercriminals to gain access to personal or business systems, which can have serious consequences for an organisation, resulting in financial loss, reputation damage, and potential legal and regulatory implications. Therefore, businesses should take immediate action to investigate and mitigate the situation if their information is found on the dark web. This involves notifying affected individuals, strengthening security measures, and working with cyber security professionals to address the breach and prevent future incidents.

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