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Global manufacturing giant Sumi Agro turned to Cyber Security Awareness to improve staff awareness and identify and prevent weaknesses in their systems.
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Security Awareness Training and Testing is a worthwhile investment. Alongside our security technology, we now have a vigilant workforce who play a key part in keeping Sumi Agro secure.

Pradeep Parmar
Group IT Director

Sumi Agro, part of Sumitomo Corporation, specialises in the development and distribution of technically advanced products, including plant protection, products, fertilisers and seeds. Sumi Agro aims to be a global organisation that constantly remains a step ahead in dealing with change, creating new value and contributing broadly to society. Their excellent knowledge and experience is combined with long-term relationships with loyal partners in agriculture, built on trust and shared values. These values contribute in helping farmers to feed the world.

As a global organisation, Sumi Agro is an attractive target for cyber criminals. When 90% of security incidents and data breaches are caused by staff negligence, Sumi Agro understood that they needed a way of raising staff awareness and keeping staff vigilant to cyber crime.

The Challenge

Sumi Agro Europe were already making staff aware of cyber security threats by presenting at an annual company event. This was found to be ineffective as staff were found to be making critical mistakes and not everyone was educated. Hence Pradeep Parmar, Group IT Director wanted a solution that would impart awareness training in an easy-to-follow multilingual format and monitor the training provided. A key requirement was to conduct monthly testing relevant to emerging threat landscapes across the countries where Sumi Agro Europe has businesses to identify weaknesses in cyber security awareness and provide directed training.

The Solution

Sumi Agro undertook our fully managed GDPR and Security Awareness Training and Testing service with the vision of their employees playing a key role in their IT security posture, as Pradeep Parmar, Group IT Director firmly believes staff are the first and best line of defence. Staff received a targeted Baseline phishing e-mail to firstly understand the risk level within Sumi Agro, and more importantly, to raise awareness.

All staff were then enrolled in our 15 minute e-learning course to provide the correct skills and knowledge to identify and stop cyber attacks.