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One of the world’s largest dance education schools required a complete cyber security overhaul, including employee awareness training to reduce the chance of a breach.
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Security Awareness Training and Testing is one of the best investments we made this year. We are able to keep all of our staff, including new starters, trained and up-to-date on all areas of cyber security.

Hiten Patel
Head of IT

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations. With 13,000 members in 89 countries and offices in 36, RAD have an incredible global network of passionate and skilled employees, teachers and members, each shaping and influencing the future of dance.

Their global reach, coupled with an esteemed reputation and mass of data held, makes The Royal Academy of Dance an attractive target for cyber criminals. When 90% of security incidents and data breaches are caused by staff negligence, The Royal Academy of Dance understood that they needed a way of raising staff awareness and keeping staff vigilant to cyber crime.

The Challenge

Cyber crime affects all organisations, of all sizes, in all sectors. The most common way organisations fall victim to a cyber attack is through its employee’s interactions with phishing emails or social engineering. According to Mimecast, 90% of malware comes from phishing e-mails. The impact of suffering an attack can be drastic, with finances and reputation being the main target. Security technology such as e-mail and web filtering or endpoint protection can not be solely relied upon to stop cyber crime from affecting an organisation. With attacks constantly evolving and becoming more targeted as time goes by, the best way to protect against cyber attacks is to ensure staff are trained in spotting attacks and are kept vigilant.

The Solution

The Royal Academy of Dance undertook our fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing service with the vision of their employees playing a key role in their IT security posture. Staff received a targeted Baseline phishing e-mail to firstly understand the risk level within the Royal Academy of Dance, and more importantly, to raise awareness.

All staff were then enrolled in our 15 minute GDPR and cyber security e-learning courses to provide the correct skills and knowledge to identify and stop cyber attacks.