19 May 2021

Cyber Security Awareness Unveil Phish999

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Building on the great success we have seen with our bespoke Security Awareness Training and Testing fully managed service, Cyber Security Awareness are pleased to announce the release of Phish999.

What is Phish999?

Phish999 is the additional email protection you’ve been looking for.

Though this isn’t a traditional email security solution…

Whether you rely on Microsoft 365 or GSuite alone for email protection, or if you already have a filtering solution in place, it is likely that some unwanted emails continue to slip through to your employees.

With phishing attacks ever-evolving, the risk of falling victim to cybercrime is greater than ever.

Phish999 combines advanced, patented AI technology and a unique user awareness experience to protect your organisation from harmful phishing attacks and boost employee vigilance towards cybercrime.

Who is Phish999 for?

Phish999 is the ideal solution for any organisation that relies solely on Microsoft 365 or GSuite for email protection. Current email security capabilities in these platforms are not enough to keep your organisation secure against targeted cybercrime. Priced competitively with this in mind, the phishing defence Phish999 provides through its AI technology and user awareness experience is unmatched.

Phish999 is also suitable for organisations that already have existing email security solutions in place. Ask yourself: even with our existing solutions, how many unwanted, phishing and potentially harmful e-mails still land in users’ mailboxes every day?

Phish999 adds an extra layer of security through its unique user awareness experience to ensure that those potentially malicious emails that manage to slip through the net are clearly marked as suspicious to each of your employees. Further actions are then available to protect your organisation from potential threats.

Boost employee awareness with phishing alerts and reporting

A key feature of Phish999 is the active warning banner on suspicious emails. The banner will tell your employees why the message was flagged and give you the option of looking at it safely to make your final determination. Simply having this feature in place raises staff awareness towards suspicious emails and cybercrime. Phish999 will learn from your employees’ input and adjust its parameters, so it’s always getting smarter, ultimately protecting your organisation further on an ongoing basis.

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